So Tracy’s got it bad for David and she reckons he’s not up for it. But she doesn’t know the half of it. When Pollard catches her slagging off David, thinking he’s rejected her, he feels compelled to tell her about his son’s cancer diagnosis, despite the fact David has asked him to keep it secret.

Later, Pollard urges David to give Tracy a chance. The pair end up having a drink together. Rambling on nervously, Tracy blurts out that she fancies him and is delighted when David moves in for a kiss!

Ross isn’t pleased about Charity having involved an unaware Finn in dodgy dealings. Finn’s loving selling the action figures Charity got hold of – so much so that he has ambitions to quit the B&B…

When Cain forgets Moira’s birthday there’s an upside for smitten Holly, who swoons as she accompanies her stepdad into town to buy Moira’s pressie.