David and Tina ask Ted if they can have a party and a willing Ted agrees to stay the night with Audrey. Ted assures an unimpressed Audrey that he trusts the teenagers and doesn’t see what harm it can do. The party gets underway, but things start to get out of control when the guest list almost doubles.

Teresa is disturbed by the noise and steams into the party and breaks Tina’s mp3 player in her fury. Rosie confronts Teresa, but makes the mistake of insulting Jerry and Teresa drags her by her hair out onto the street and Sally and Kevin have to save their daughter from Teresa’s clutches. A gutted David surveys the state of the house and he realises the party was not one of his best ideas!

Michelle is convinced that Steve has cheated on her and Carla points out that with
Steve in Spain, only Lloyd knows the truth of the matter. Michelle is convinced Steve has confided in Eileen but the cab controller denies any knowledge. When Liz casually remarks that Steve and Leanne get on well, a suspicious Michelle thinks she has stumbled on the truth.

Also, Claire is disappointed when Ken thinks the ‘Lowry’ is a fake.