David turns up at the car lot to find out it’s been broken into. When he checks the CCTV footage for clues, he’s surprised to discover it’s been deleted. Drafting Liam in to help him recover the lost files, David later watches the footage alone. As he sees Max arguing with Lucy on the night she died, David is stunned. Confronting Max, David says he’s going to the police. When he realises that Carol is relying on him to keep the family together, however, he burns the incriminating evidence.

Carol is in hospital following her collapse. A guilty Sonia and Bianca resolve to put their argument behind them and get on for Carol’s sake. Test results show Carol’s collapse is due to an infection, which she’d been ignoring. Putting on a brave face in front of her kids, Carol later confesses to David that she’s terrified about what lies ahead.

Lauren is in a dark place following Lucy’s death, angry when she sees the rest of the Square seemingly getting on with normal life as if nothing has happened. Considering taking a drink, Lauren is shaken out of her destructive mood by Abi, who encourages her to carry on with the lettings agency alone in memory of Lucy.