David is pleased with his first day as partner with Max at the car lot, and starts with a drastic revamp of the car lot office. When Max arrives he’s furious with David for making the decision without him, especially when he discovers that David has changed the name of the office to ‘Deals on Wheels’!

Linda’s day gets off to a bad start when she discovers that Sharon is planning to open a bar on the Square. Things go from bad to worse when the Carters find out that The Vic has a huge damp problem. Angry with Phil for not telling them when he sold them the pub, the Carters are infuriated when Phil refuses to help out with the cost of repair.

Jake and Lauren are in for a shock when Sadie returns home unexpectedly with Bella while they’re in bed together. Trying to stall them both, Jake tries not to panic when Bella runs upstairs. Jake manages to get Sadie out of the house, but Bella has found Lauren in the bedroom…

Also, after some investigation, Carol is none the wiser as to who the pregnancy test belongs to.