David is in deep with his lie about seeing Tracy kill Charlie but he’s so cocky that he’s not afraid to carry it on. In fact, he realises that he could benefit from keeping Tracy out of jail and decides to attempt to manipulate her.

David catches Tracy unawares and suggests to her that she killed Charlie deliberately. Tracy is wrong-footed and David guesses from her reaction that she is a murderess, not a victim. David asks Tracy what is in it for him if he decides to back up her story in court…

Fiz continues to play mum to Chesney, who is eating her out of house and home and he’s leaving her completely broke. But when Cilla assures her daughter that she intends to convince Chesney to come home, an irritated Fiz determines to put up a fight.

Roy and Hayley have made a mint from the sale of Roy’s comic collection and they talk about what to do with the money. The couple decide to splash out on the car of their dreams.

Also, Becky meets up with her nasty on-off lover Slug.