David overhears Kylie’s betrayal!

Kylie can’t wait to reveal her surprise to David, unaware he’s growing more paranoid by the minute. He tries to glean the truth from Nick, pointing out he hates surprises, but when Nick refuses to spill the beans David decides to buy flowers and hide in the Platts so he can surprise Kylie himself. But when Kylie and Gail walk through the door discussing her fated night with Nick and how she desperately hopes the baby is David’s, her words hit like a thunderbolt.

Karl’s a man on the edge of losing it as he throws himself into work. Feeling she’s neglected him as she’s been wrapped up in her own trauma Stella urges Karl to talk to her.

When Ryan admits to Steve that while he likes Katy he wishes she and Joseph would move back home Steve offers some advice – always let a woman think something was her idea. Taking this on board Ryan hints at overcrowding. Katy agrees, but her suggestion to deal with it floors Ryan.

Also, Owen demands his surrogacy money back from Tina.