David paints a sorry picture!

Drinking to forget his heartbreak causes David to forget to get up and deliver the newspapers, too – and Edna’s not happy about that! But when David does start tackling the life Leyla left behind he discovers he’s in debt up to his floppy fringe! He tries to take charge by renaming the shop, but he can’t paint over all the problems Leyla’s left him with. There’s a mountain of unpaid bills and David angrily tells Alicia he wouldn’t be in this mess if she had stayed out of their lives.

Aaron’s anger is continuing to build. Chas is worried about him; Hazel’s worried about him; surprisingly, even Carl shows some concern. It’s especially surprising as Diane has thrown Aaron out of The Woolpack because he’s had a go at Carl. And Aaron reacts by trashing Carl’s home. Carl and Jimmy catch him in the act and Carl says he’s calling the cops but, in fact, he calls Chas, telling her that her son needs her.

Marlon needs a woman, but is he looking in the right direction? Laurel certainly doesn’t mind all the time they’re spending together lately, though Ashley might…