David panics as Nick regains consciousness

As an upbeat David makes plans to have Lily christened and to adopt Max, Kylie tells Gail she’s finding Lily’s uncertain paternity is casting a shadow over everything. Gail urges her to stay calm, but when they get a call from the hospital to say Nick has regained consciousness both Kylie and David secretly fear this is the beginning of the end.

Eva’s sheepish when she wakes up at Jason’s and while she doesn’t regret it she admits it’s complicated given Jason’s history with her mum and thinks they shouldn’t see each other again. Jason’s disappointed and when he bumps into Eva at the pub, while doing a few odd jobs for Stella, he does his best to convince her that he won’t hurt her. When he promises they can take things slowly Eva succumbs to Jason’s charms.

Hayley enjoys spending time with Fiz, Hope and Ruby at the park while Roy has a less enjoyable time with his driving instructor. But back at the cafe Hayley’s carefree mood is curtailed when she gets a phone call from Christian. 

Also, when Carla goes off on a business trip and leaves Peter in charge at the factory Michelle feels undermined; Michelle’s fed up with Ryan’s lazy attitude.