David plans to split up Graeme and Tina

David watches as Tina picks her clothes off of the street and spies an opportunity to get back into her good books. Holding out an apparent olive branch he offers to talk to Jason and calm him down. However, once he’s alone with Jason, David reveals that he has a plan to split her and Graeme up. He then sets about placing doubt in Graeme’s mind, telling him that Tina’s on the rebound, while questioning Tina about her vulnerability in a new relationship.

Lloyd suspects Cheryl isn’t all that happily married, but when he sees Chris’s close bond with his son Russ, it’s a stark reminder of her commitments. Later, a concerned Eileen tries to warn Lloyd that he’ll get hurt if he carries on pursuing Cheryl.

Steve’s feeling pleased with himself as he delivers his rehearsed speech at the adoption meeting, but it’s Becky and Eddie who impress by speaking from the heart. Eddie plays the proud father talking about his son Gary, while for Becky it’s a cuddly toy.

Also; Fiz thinks her job is safe so puts down a deposit on a holiday.

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