David agrees to attend grief counselling

David Platt agrees to go to therapy - but it's clear he still has revenge in mind in Corrie.

David Platt agrees to go along to a grief counselling session to appease Gail but clams up when he gets there. Determined to keep Gail quiet he tells her the session was a great help. When David notices an update on Macca’s social media page that tells him the Dog and Gun are having a party for Clayton’s birthday in his absence, an angry David storms down there but is suddenly grabbed by a menacing figure.

Sally’s jealous when Eileen talks about flat options with Rita, who is planning to buy one for Jenny. Keen to commit to her new role Eileen resigns from Street Cars, much to Steve and Tim’s horror. But when Vinny demands to know why Eileen has spent a large sum of money from the business account on porcelain tiles, she realises she’s in over her head.

Andy shares his latest story with Step, but she’s left horrified by his writing and he’s left fuming.

Steve tells Tim that Michelle’s new wedding client is Tommy Orpington, a County football player. Rita’s tempted when Freddie suggests they go along to the closing party together of their old stomping ground, the Zambezi Club. Leanne reassures Eva that Nick is the father of her baby.