David Platt is shocked when he discovers Shona is planning to give Clayton’s dad Dane £1000 from her scratch card winnings. The pair meet Dane where they refuse to hand over any money. When Dane responds with some vile remarks about Kylie, Shona has to drag David away. But as they load Max and Lily into the car ready for their trip, Dane hurtles across the street, jumps in and locks himself inside with the kids. David and Shona look on, horrified.

Overhearing Fiz talking about the factory girls’ money woes, Billy tells Todd he thinks Adam should contribute to their fund, given that it’s his fault they’re out of work. Adam refuses to take the bait so when Billy spots an envelope of cash on Adam’s desk, he impulsively scoops it up and hurries out. Billy divides up the cash and pushes it through the letterboxes of Underworld’s employees. But when Todd points out that the £1000 belonged to Shona, not Adam, Billy’s aghast.

Rana surprises everyone by announcing that she is ready to start a family with Zeedan and poor Zeedan doesn’t know how to react.