David Platt introduces Gail, Max and Lily to his new girlfriend Emma and says he has asked her to move in. Bethany is shocked to realise Emma was in the year above her at school and when Shona finds out she’s devastated.

Tracy evicts Billy telling him that he is three months in arrears with the rent and she doesn’t want a junkie living in the flat. Billy is humiliated, as Summer is packing her things at Eileen’s ready to move back in. Billy asks Adam if Todd has any wages due but Adam sends him packing and Biilly apologises to him for everything.

Rana begs Imran to find a way that Zeedan can raise the money for the restaurant, so Imran surprises Zeedan by saying he would like to invest and has started by ordering the furniture.

Aidan finds Summer’s school notebook at the factory and discovers she has filled it with notes about him. He confides in Johnny that he is worried she has a crush on him. Angie persuades Tracy to let her do the florist bookkeeping. Mike invites Liz to see a high brow film – and under Moira’s gaze she does her best to appear keen.

First episode of the evening.