David raises Pollard’s hopes (VIDEO)

When David hears that Val is planning to dump Ian, he immediately tells Pollard, who realises there’s still a chance that he will get back with Val. But when Ian arrives at The Woolpack and reveals that he’s booked a holiday for two, has Val been a bit hasty in deciding to call time on their relationship?

Charity’s determined to have a termination, sooner rather than later, so she makes plans to see a doctor. But when Megan finds the box that the pregnancy test came in, she confronts her brother about whether Charity is pregnant. However, it’s news to Declan and he’s keen to find out too. Will he get to Charity before it’s too late?

Moira’s disappointed when Cain says he wants to put their wedding plans on hold because of everything that’s going on with Belle. Zak, however, doesn’t think it’s his son’s best idea because he thinks they should carry on as normal and plan their big day.