David reaches rock bottom

David is feeling increasingly isolated as the wedding approaches but he feels certain that as soon as his dad Martin arrives, everything will be sorted out. David is gutted when Gail informs him that Martin won’t be attending the wedding and he practically begs Gail to give him an invite to the wedding. Gail remains steadfast and refuses. A hurt David later sneaks into the house and leaves a letter to the family. Sarah and Maria find the letter and are horrified to find that it’s a suicide note.

Jamie is uncomfortable knowing the sex of Violet’s baby without her knowledge when the rest of the pub punters wonder whether it will be a boy or a girl. Jamie has a go at Sean for putting him in such a difficult position and wonders whether he’ll be able to keep the secret for another six months.

Liam tries to pretend to Maria that he’s delighted with his new puppy even though he’s at a loss to know what to do with the mutt! Molly storms into the factory to complain about hearing the dog howling and Liam wonders how long he can keep up the facade.

Also, Paul offers Leanne £10k towards the restaurant.

*Second Episode 8.30pm*

Sarah and Maria are in shock as they read David’s suicide note and Maria is seriously worried for David’s safety. Sarah, however, decides that David is just on another wind up in a bid to ruin her wedding and she keeps the note from Gail. The girls go out for drinks and they are in high spirits but when they return home they notice that David’s car is missing. Gail and Audrey are uneasy but agree to wait until the morning to investigate where David could have gone. Sarah refuses to let her brother ruin her big day and she tears up his suicide note.

Liam’s new puppy is causing mayhem but despite the trouble he’s had adjusting to having a new member of the family, Liam is actually starting to warm to him. Liam decides to call the sweet little dog Ozzy and Maria is relieved when Liam assures her that he wants to keep him.

Liz is in a chipper mood as she’s sure that Vernon is organising her a surprise 50th birthday party. Vernon is not the most organised man in the world and it looks like she’s set to be disappointed!

Also, Leanne pays off her debt to Roger with the money from Paul.