David convinces Janine to visit Pat’s grave with him. At the cemetery, he tells Janine that Pat would be proud of her. Apologising to his mum, David is genuinely overwhelmed, running back to the car and leaving Janine stranded. Back home, Janine finds David packing to leave Walford. Begging him to stay, Janine confides in David that she killed Michael, not knowing a devious David has recorded everything on his phone.

Alfie is depressed at the thought of having to leave the Vic, but Kat is insistent that they can make a fresh start. Mo is back in Walford for Dot’s OAP party only to discover that the community centre is locked and Dot is nowhere to be seen. Coming to the rescue, Alfie arranges the party instead. Alfie hugs Kat, agreeing she was right – they don’t need the Vic to be happy.

Tina and Shirley have had a night on the tiles on Mick and Linda Carter’s pub raffle money. When Tina gets a call from Mick she gets an attack of the guilts, suggesting to Shirley they return the cash. After visiting Mick, Shirley returns with the news that Mick is letting them keep the money, cryptically telling a happy Tina that 2014 is going to be a great year.