Leyla helps David prepare for the debate, while Pollard is unhappy that the election battle has become personal. An experience Pollard gives a good speech at the debate, while David flounders to put his own case across. Leyla helps out David by giving a passionate speech about his honest values. An impressed David pulls Leyla in for a passionate kiss, while Nathan and Pollard are left fuming.

Bob is angry with Brenda when she deliberately attempts to put off potential buyers for the cafe and shop and he also discovers he’s about to be made homeless when an apologetic Terry asks him to move out. Terry gets it all wrong when Brenda assumes he’s kicking Bob and the twins out to move her in as an act of charity and she makes it clear that she’s offended, despite Terry trying to explain.

Jimmy and Nicola’s relationship is back to its fiery normality and Lexi is frustrated that Nicola is still in the house. Jimmy makes another attempt to write a poem for Nicola, but ends up offending her and resignedly tells her he’s giving up. Jimmy moves out of Mill Cottage and Carl and Lexi are stunned to realise that Nicola doesn’t intend going anywhere.

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