David rips off Val

Scheming David is worried by Val’s mistrust of him and, when she goes on a night out with Del, he spots a chance to manipulate her. Pretending to get drunk with her in a bar, he asks her why she’s so cold with him. Val’s not sozzled enough to reveal her suspicions, but she doesn’t notice when David pinches her debit card from her bag, plus £2,000 she was supposed to take to the bank. David is smug when Pollard is furious with Val about the missing takings.

Perdy invites Paul, Katie and Jonny to a dinner party, hoping to matchmake Paul and Jonny and keep Jonny away from Grayson. Katie dresses to impress Jonny, unaware that he’s gay, but soon finds out the truth when Jonny makes a move on Paul. Gray angrily confronts Perdy about her lack of trust in him.

Also, Matthew thinks Rosemary is driving a wedge between him and his brothers; and Shadrach woos Mrs Burgess with a candlelit dinner.