David risks his life to rescue Jacob!

Jacob’s been missing for three days when his mum (his Leyla mum, not his Alicia mum) finally finds him up on the moors. Leyla’s with David when they hear a noise coming from a derelict building and realise Jacob is inside. They also realise he’s trapped and the building is falling down. It’s David who puts his life at risk to rescue the son he never knew Leyla had until recently – and he just manages to get the boy out before they’re both killed. Question is: can Leyla rescue her relationship with David, or is it beyond help?

One relationship that was over, but now might not be is the one between Chas and Carl. Charity can see that Chas has become hypnotised by the sparkly ring Carl gave her and tries to break the spell by reminding Chas of all the lying and cheating Carl has done. But can Chas really jilt the man she still clearly loves?

Declan would happily wave his dad Dermot goodbye, but Dad’s having too much fun teasing Declan about his wealth – the big house (which Dermot enjoys living in) and all the money (which Dermot enjoys spending). Plus, Dermot’s homeless, so he’s in no hurry to leave.

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