David’s hair starts to fall out…

Having had chemotherapy to try to get rid of his cancer, David’s at a low ebb. It’s not helping that Jacob keeps fussing over him, worrying about germs and infection. But David reaches a new low when, after a passionate kiss with Tracy, a clump of his hair comes away in her hand. Distraught, David wants to be alone. Meanwhile, Leyla tries to talk to Jacob to get him to ease up and stop worrying so much about David.

Despite Chas’s reservations about getting into a new relationship so soon after the hell she’s been through with her ex, Gordon, Charity reckons she should give romance a chance and go on a date with DS Wise. Unsure and stressed-out, Chas looses herself in booze. Finding Chas in a state, Charity takes her through to the back room to sleep it off. But is something else bothering Chas?

Worried that Angie is going to call the police to report Belle for ‘stalking’ her husband, Lisa and Zak force their daughter to go round to the Baileys’ to apologise. There, the teen goes along with Bailey’s lie, pretending she’s obsessed with the married man rather than his real-life lover, and vows to get help for her problem!