In a bid to prove his manhood David roughly kisses Shona but when she reciprocates he can’t cope and pushes her away feigning cramp. Josh turns up with a present for Harry and barely able to hide his repulsion, David announces he is taking the kids to Liverpool to see Martin and makes it clear Shona is not invited.

As Ruby rushes upstairs in tears Fiz is forced to confess that it was Hope all along causing the problems. A furious Tyrone is stunned that he has let Ruby take the blame. Is it over between them?

Carla persuades Ali to join her at Roy’s flat and plies him with wine in a bid to get him to change his opinion of Michelle. She is shocked when Ali admits he has always had a crush on her and leans in for a kiss. How will she react?

Sally is shocked at Tim’s choice of wallpaper but he assures her it is Italian designer like she wanted. Rosemary tells Gail that Richard Hillman has put a curse on the family.

Second episode of the evening.