Rodney is furious when he finds out that David has stolen Betty and Laurel from Nicola’s cleaning business and demands that he make up for what he’s done. David refuses to back down and instead decides to prove his muscle by finding a loophole in Rodney’s tenancy agreement and evicting him from the Antique’s Barn.

Pollard thinks David’s latest antics are hilarious, but Del is not so impressed and tells David that if he’s going to behave like his father, then she wants nothing to do with him.

Jo is keen for Andy to make a decision about their future and badgers him for an answer as to whether he’s going to split up with Katie. Andy considers broaching the subject with Katie, but the situation becomes more complicated when she admits that her period is late and she may be having his child. Andy pleads with Jo to give him more time and Jo is angry.

Matthew’s suspicions about Rosemary’s possible involvement in Tom’s murder continue to fester and he questions Perdy in an attempt to get something on his hated stepmother. Perdy cracks and tells Matthew that Rosemary knew about the Home Farm Estates contract before Tom’s death. When Matthew finds Rosemary with Vaughan, he openly accuses her of murder.