David steps up his vendetta

When Peter shows concern for Leanne over the break-in the cogs start whirring for David. Reminding everyone of their history David sets about the next stage of his plan and pinches Peter’s lighter. It’s clear David’s kindness to Nick masks an evil intent.

As Tina and Izzy are notified of their first court appearance it’s clear the fight for the baby is taking its toll on both women. Heartfelt, Tommy urges Tina to consider how ‘Joe’ will feel to know she robbed him of the chance to be raised by his biological parents. Meanwhile, Izzy’s resigned to the fact a legal battle will take years and even if they win they’ll have to tear the baby away from Tina. Both claim to love him, but Izzy feels like giving up the fight.

When Anna has a dig at Tim’s parenting skills Faye’s quick to defend her dad, claiming she prefers the relaxed regime at Tim’s.

Also, after falling asleep Roy’s no closer to finding out who’s behind the strange happenings at the cafe.