David struggles to defend himself when he confronts an unrepentant Josh about last night

David starts to wonder if he was a willing participant after speaking to Josh...

Josh shows no remorse, making out it was no big deal; they got drunk, had a laugh and had sex. Appalled, David’s adamant he would never have consented to sex but Josh insists he was up for it leaving David reeling, was it his fault? Shona and David make up after Josh tells Shona that David just needed to sound off to a mate because he was upset about his dad. But can David continue to keep a lid on his feelings when they go for a drink and see Josh at the bar?

Explaining how hurt Michelle is, Robert convinces Steve to dupe Ali into joining them both for a drink. Can Robert make any headway with Ali? Meanwhile, Wendy begs Ali to come home and give them another chance but he refuses.

Eva and Toyah try to get rid of Leanne, they’re really heading to an antenatal class, but the girls find themselves cajoled into a French lesson with Ken!

Chesney remains frosty towards Gemma. When Rosemary mentions Gail’s ex husband Richard her interest is piqued and she makes another appointment to see her.

Second episode of the evening.