David takes legal advice about Lachlan

David decides he needs legal help and seeks out Rakesh. With Lachlan having gone missing, the shopkeeper is worried the police will find out he once kidnapped the teen. Rakesh advises him to sit tight so the move to Portugal may well have to be put on ice for now, which is music to Priya’s ears.

Having been combing the countryside for Lachlan, Chrissie’s exhausted. She’s grateful when Robert takes charge and tells her to get some rest while he carries on looking for her son. Later, Robert finds Lachlan. He’s in a bad way – but is all as it seems?

Debbie’s stomach churns with worry when she learns Ross still hasn’t been home. Has Charlie done away with him? Picking up on Debbie’s Ross-related anxiety, Emma warns her not to hurt Pete. With everything getting on top of her, Debbie decides she must tell her fiancé everything…