David targets Bill and Jason

David becomes increasingly bitter as he watches everyone playing happy families without him and he’s genuinely hurt when Gail reveals that Sarah will never invite him to the wedding. Bill later taunts David for being a loner and David finally cracks. He breaks into the builder’s yard and causes mischief by destroying some invoices and answerphone messages, before maliciously loosening some of the bolts on the balcony railings.

Roy and Hayley are asked to go on a volunteer project in Africa, but Roy is unsure about the short notice when they discover that they’ll have to leave straight away. Hayley manages to talk Roy round, but by that time they confirm there’s only one place left. Roy realises how much it means to Hayley and he encourages her to go without him.

Maria is left fuming when she sees Liam kissing a glam woman outside the factory and she fears that she’s fallen for a cheat yet again. Maria confronts Liam and he insists that he was saying goodbye to a business associate. Maria is convinced.

Also, Chesney worries that social services may take him away from Kirk; Sean tells Jamie he wants to be as involved with his baby as much as possible.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

David worries about sabotaging the builder’s yard railings when he sees an unsuspecting Jason leaning on the unstable balcony. When Bill jumps out on Jason to give him a scare and a laughing Jason leans on the railings. Everyone looks on in horror as they collapse, sending Jason crashing to the ground. Jason is rushed to hospital but he’s fortunately survived with only minor injuries. However, he’s told that he won’t be able to walk for a while.

Hayley is dubious about going to Africa without Roy, but he reveals that he’s not as passionate about going as she is. Hayley takes some persuading to leave her husband and business, but she eventually decides to go and she bids Roy and Becky and emotional farewell.

Fiz is pleased when John sends her flowers at work – little realising that it’s down to a guilty conscience – and Sally feels jealous. John later sees Rosie and he’s surprised when she tells him that she wants to leave the factory and return to school. The only catch is she’s decided to go to Weatherfield Comp so they can spend more time together…

Also, Jamie warns Violet that Sean is more keen to be a dad than he’s letting on.