Coronation Street spoilers: Will David tell his dad the truth?

Martin tells David to think about his decision to leave his life in Weatherfield behind

David is furious to discover from Martin that Josh has been speaking to him. Martin tells David that he is baffled by the rush to move and that he should take his time whilst Sarah points out that Shona and the children don’t want to move either. As they prepare to wave Martin off David reaches a decision and makes an announcement…

Peter and Leanne are shocked to hear what Roy has to say about Simon. Will they finally realise that his behaviour is out of control?

As a sheepish Steve arrives at the Rovers with a marker pen covered Oliver. Eva comes to the rescue and suggests giving him face paint to disguise the pen and Henry is delighted with the results.

Carla gets the keys to the factory and gets Aidan to rally the workforce. Following Audrey’s advice, Gail tells Rosemary she has decided to let sleeping dogs lie but Rosemary tells her she is making a terrible mistake.

Second episode of the evening.