David is left hurt and humiliated when he tries to apologise to Maria for attempting to kiss her and she bluntly tells him to stay away from her as she’s fed up with his selfish ways. The teenager is determined to get back at her for her harsh words and he decides to do some stirring about Charlie to rile her. Within hearing of Blanche, David talks about the day that Charlie tried to drown him and Blanche frogmarches him over to the Barlows and they demand that he tell the police.

David is ecstatic by the attention his announcement has given him and his lies spiral out of control. Everyone is shocked when David says that he saw Tracy kill Charlie in self-defence…

Kelly thinks she’s in with a chance at nabbing Liam for herself when Carla asks her and Joanne to join the Connors for a drink after their shift. Kelly flirts outrageously with Liam when he offers the girls a lift, but to her disappointment, he refuses to respond.

Les realises he needs to bond with Chesney and he invites him for a kickabout. Les tries to explain that both he and Cilla love him very much, despite the mistakes they have made in their private lives. But Chesney still refuses to return home.

Also, Violet finally breaks down on Eileen.