David thinks Max is Lucy’s killer!

Ian is shattered to learn from the police that Lucy’s mugging appears to have been staged and she must have known her killer. The Beales struggle as they realise it was murder, especially when it’s all over the news. When the police reveal they have reason to believe Lucy was having a secret affair, and her lover could well be the murderer, Ian and Peter are horrified.

Ian interrogates the locals, starting with David Wicks, who insists he wasn’t Lucy’s mystery man. When Max continues to be shifty whenever the subject of Lucy is brought up, David asks Max if he was Lucy’s lover – and if he killed her. Meanwhile, Peter and Lauren are shocked when they see how many secrets Lucy has been hiding from them, realising they didn’t really know her at all.

Feeling under pressure from her family and from Tina, Sonia arranges an appointment with the gene specialist to talk through her options. When Sonia’s car breaks down, she misses the appointment. Bianca realises something more is troubling Sonia and pushes her for the truth. She is shocked when Sonia admits that she kissed Tina.

Also, Masood guesses that Jane slept with Ian. A fed-up Patrick gives Cora a month to move out.