David threatens Sarah!

Callum’s mother Marion calls at No 8 but David calls her son a drug-dealing thug and throws her out. Meanwhile, when Billy asks after Sarah, David berates her for blabbing, telling her that if she talks again, he and Kylie will tell the police that she killed Callum and forced them to cover for her.

Johnny’s annoyed to discover Aidan’s client is Matthew Singh, an old friend of his and resolves to beat Aidan to it. Johnny arrives and is taken aback to find that Matthew, is the son of the Matthew Singh he knew and that he’s taken over his father’s business. Kate admits to Aidan that Johnny tried to scupper his meeting, only to find that he now needs Aidan’s help.

Determined to put her guilty thoughts behind her, Alya tells a thrilled Gary that she wants them to get married at Christmas.

Maria arranges to fly out to Cyprus immediately when she discovers her mother has broken her hip. Luke’s sympathetic and promises he’ll give up track racing.