David thumps Nathan!

Hurt and angry over what has happened with Leyla, David decides to confront Nathan. He storms up to Home Farm, but Nathan isn’t there. The toe-rag is in the village, looking for Leyla. She tells him David knows everything and, furious that his game is over, Nathan turns nasty. David’s still looking for him, though and finds him tormenting Leyla. Smack! David lets Nathan feel his pain and a grateful Leyla thanks him for rescuing her. But David makes it quite clear that he thumped Nathan to make himself feel better, not her.

Meanwhile, a couple of the village children are making their own excitement… Will and Belle find a stranger in the barn, a woman who scares the life out of them. Then they realise she’s more scared than they are… She tells them her name’s Olena, she’s from the Ukraine and no one must know she’s there. Why?

And why is Doug so easily taken in by Sally? She’s running Laurel’s home and has Doug convinced it’s just because she wants to be helpful. He even invites her to celebrate Ashley’s birthday on Thursday. Oh, Sally’s going to love that. But will Laurel?

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