David is determined to get back on Janine’s good side, buying her a Christmas tree. A lonely Janine is touched and lets David in to help decorate it. When Janine hangs a pair of Pat’s earrings on the tree, David plays on her emotions, mentioning Michael. When Janine clams up, David reassures her that he’s there for her, and is more than happy when Janine asks him to stay.

Carol makes it clear to David that she’s only interested in Masood, encouraging David to make different plans this Christmas. Worried that this Christmas could be her last, Carol goes into a frenzy of festive preparation. Reminiscing with Masood about her late mum, Carol asks Mas to join her for Christmas. When Masood asks Carol how her mum died, there’s an awkward silence before Carol admits her mum died from cancer.

Tina has a surprise outing for Shirley – to their brother Mick’s pub! Shirley is furious, as she can’t stand Mick’s wife Linda (Kellie Bright). Finding the Carter sisters, Linda calls Mick, convincing him to stay out. Tina is disappointed when Linda and Shirley refuse to reunite the family for Christmas. Back in the Square, Tina tells Shirley she’s stolen the takings from the raffle!