Joe panics when his painkillers go missing. David miraculously ‘finds’ them when Tina arrives for Easter lunch, hopeful of impressing her. Joe is suspicious that David took them in the first place, but doesn’t want to draw attention to his growing dependency. Gail is exasperated when lunch is ruined after Audrey calls Joe a sponger.

David won’t be deterred by the family rows in his quest to win back Tina and he gives her an Easter egg with the keys for a flat inside. Tina refuses to move in with him and storms over to the Rovers. David follows her and when she refuses to give in to his pleas he bitterly accuses her of sleeping with Gary. David ominously tells Graeme that he’s going to get rid of Gary once and for all.

Ken is scathing when Peter and the Barlows take Simon and his rabbit to the Easter service and pet blessing at church and tries to teach Simon about humanism. Ken soon shuts up when Simon asks if his mum is in heaven. Ken hears a radio ad for Martha’s play and is tempted to go and see it.

Also, Kevin challenges Tyrone to a running race; Sophie wants to get christened.