David twists Carol round his little finger

David has spent the night at Carol’s, nursing his injuries. When Masood discovers David is staying in Albert Square until he recovers, he’s not pleased. While Carol and Masood have lunch, Carol promises that David won’t come between them. Upstairs, a listening David deliberately pushes his lunch tray to the floor so that Carol will rush upstairs to tend to him. Later, Masood tells David to let him and Carol get on with their lives. David reminds Masood that Carol has a habit of falling in love with him…

Tamwar is feeling loved up after a night of passion with Alice, but it’s clear that Alice didn’t feel the spark. As Alice prepares herself to tell Tamwar that they have no future, a watching Poppy intervenes. Telling Alice to stop comparing Tamwar to Michael, Poppy manages to talk Alice round, getting her to agree not to dump Tamwar.

Dot decides to hand in her resignation as churchwarden after Carol worries she’s taking on too much. Feeling guilty that she’s encouraged Dot to give up on the one thing she loves, Carol has a word with Sharon after discovering their falling out. Visiting Dot, Sharon convinces Dot not to resign and offers to help organise a jumble sale fundraiser.