David wakes up after a night in the cells and he’s questioned by two police officers. He reveals that his rampage through the street was deliberate and is eerily calm as he takes responsibility for everything. Meanwhile, Gail tells a stunned Audrey that she won’t admit to the police that David nearly killed her. David is charged with multiple counts of criminal damage and assault and is bailed to appear before the magistrates.

Gail takes David home and tells him she wants the truth. A contrite David confesses to all the evil things he’s done in the past, but he claims he feels like everyone’s against him and he can’t promise his behaviour will improve. Gail is at a loss but she wants them to sort their problems out at home. David, however, is determined to go to court.

Becky flirts with builder Rick in the cafe and asks him over to the flat while Roy‘s at a railway convention. Roy returns early to find Becky and Rick in his flat and he’s not impressed. Becky is humiliated when he makes his disapproval known.

Also, Bill and Jason worry about their job when Tony insists that unless the bat problem is sorted, they will lose their contract.