Leyla’s left David with nothing but loads of debt – and a very expensive wedding dress she’ll never wear. The dress turns up in the post as David is floundering in a shop that’s run out of stock and a home that looks like a bomb’s hit it. That’s just what he doesn’t need – another debt and another reminder that Leyla has left and there will be no wedding. Angry, David decides if he’s paying for the dress then he’s going to get some wear out of it!

Feeling very much alone, Amy decides it’s time to be honest with Victoria (for a change). She tells her about how she robbed Val and Pollard to pay Jared, then she tells her she’s pregnant. And then Amy tells Cain she wants to keep the baby! Cain tells her they need to have a little talk – and it’s not about what they’ll call the baby and custody arrangements.

Mia wants to talk to Adam about why they have to sneak around and he definitely doesn’t want to tell her. Luckily for him, Mia’s later distracted by the sight of her dad getting up close and personal with Katie. Now that’s something else she didn’t know about, but she does now!

*Second episode*

After more drinks than he should have had and feeling angry and betrayed, David decides to get his money’s worth out of Leyla’s wedding dress by putting it on! That’s bad enough as he ain’t a pretty bride. But what’s worse – and at the same time hilarious – is that David doesn’t keep his little dressing up episode confined to the privacy of his own home. He stumbles into The Woolpack and tries to have a dance with Pearl! Realising his mate needs help, Nikhil gets David out of the pub and back home. He’ll be a blushing bride when he sobers up!

Right now Cain’s an angry father. He’s got Amy and is telling her she’ll get rid of the baby or he’ll get rid of her! Trouble is, Amy’s thinking she might want to keep this baby and decides to tell Val and Pollard she’s pregnant. Ah, just what you want to hear from your foster daughter…

What Declan would like to hear from his daughter Mia is that she’s cool with him and Katie being together. When Mia catches them in a clinch she doesn’t seem bothered and Katie’s relieved. Declan, though, is not convinced by his daughter’s reaction.