David’s anxiety ramps up when Sarah returns

An upbeat Sarah returns from Italy, but David accuses her of putting on an act and tests her by suggesting she goes into the annexe. Her facade crumbling, Sarah flees. David’s intrigued to witness Aidan and Sarah setting up a date and urges her to go back to Milan before she cracks up. Sarah angrily snaps at him before issuing Kylie with a stark warning about David.

When Johnny complains about the B&B he and Kate are staying in, Michelle offers to show him round the flat. But as Michelle gives Johnny and Kate a tour, Aidan arrives home. Kate backs Johnny as he argues with Aidan over who gets the flat. Carla’s forced to referee a game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’ between Aidan and Johnny.

Eileen’s annoyed when she finds Michael asleep at the switch and takes him to task for wasting all his energy running errands for Dee.

Caitlin turns up on the street to surprise Craig, but they’re interrupted by the arrival of Faye. Sally’s saddened when Sophie announces she has no interest in celebrating Christmas without Maddie.