David’s attacker is revealed

David admits to Gail that Jason wasn’t behind the attack but he doesn’t tell her that he knows who the real culprit was and he agrees with Gail that he ought to tell the police he doesn’t think it was Jason. There’s relief at the Grimshaws’ when Jason gets a call from the police telling him he’s in the clear. Meanwhile, David gets a warning from his attacker – they’re quits now and he wants him to stay out of his way in future!

Jesse tells Eileen that John the parrot likes to listen to classical music at breakfast time. Later, when Eileen pops home for her lunch, John the parrot flies out of his cage and attacks her. A ruffled Eileen tells Jesse that in future the bird stays locked up.

Ramsay shows Norris the flat he’s buying in Victoria Court and suggests he should moves in with him. Norris is horrified and makes it clear that if Ramsay doesn’t leave then he will. Emily’s tearful as she watches him go.

Also, Joe finds Tina’s charm bracelet wedged between the floorboards in the flat. Tina’s pleased but wishes she hadn’t accused David of taking it. Ashley gives up his signed Ricky Hatton boxing gloves as the prize for the charity fete.