David’s been caught in a honey trap!

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree in Pollard’s orchard, did it? Just like Daddy has in the past (and no doubt will in the future), David has been caught in a compromising situation with a woman… And Tania’s a particularly devious woman.

David runs a mile when Tania tries to seduce him but she’s already got what she needs on camera. Bold as brass, she gives Leyla a DVD to pass on to David. He does the smart thing and watches it alone, which is when he realises he’s going to be blackmailed. But what for?

Nicola is another villager with a lot on her mind. The bride-to-be-who-might-not-be still has her head buried in wedding plans instead of her court defence and Jimmy is getting worried. When Nicola fails to put in an appearance at a meeting with her solicitor, Jimmy tells her she has to deal with the reality of her situation. But Nicola can’t bear to think that her wedding might not happen…

Elsewhere, Charlie turns his charm on Andy, giving him money so he can visit Sarah in Jersey but asking him not to tell Diane. What’s he up to? Doug thinks he’s a wrong ‘un who’s going to break Diane’s heart. Is he?

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