David decides to play Bob the Builder with Leyla as she gets her new shop ready for opening. But he’s gone for the adult version. The poor bloke feels like a complete tool when Rodney drops by and sees him stripped for action. Thank goodness he has a hard hat handy to cover his dangly bits. And while Leyla is embarrassed that Rodney has caught David with his pants down and tools at the ready, she’s more than happy to see that her man measures up.

While David digs himself out of his hole, the police are busy digging into Mark’s death. They want to question all the Wylde folk and Maisie is shocked to realise that they think a member of his own family killed her father. Ha! Wait until she finds out her mum did it. But that will never happen if Nathan has anything to do with it. Natasha is worried that the police won’t show any interest in questioning Faye who, of course, she and Nathan have framed for Mark’s murder. At least, she thinks they have.

One person determined to distance himself from the investigation is Cain; he burns Mark’s wallet before he gets burned.

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