David’s defeated by the De Souzas

David’s forced to admit to Eric that his business is struggling after being constantly undercut by the De Souzas. Pollard refuses to bail him out and withdraws his investment, leaving David high and dry. David realises that he’s lost the battle and he arranges to see Nicola.

Zak is on the warpath after the police bust at the fight and a worried Sam decides to find Zak some money. Sam asks Debbie for a loan and Debbie agrees, but insists that Zak come to her in person. Zak is furious when he realises that Sam cost him the fight and he refuses to beg for a loan from Debbie. But when Belle gets into trouble at school he swallows his pride and takes the loan. Belle is delighted.

Viv returns from America with Bob and announces that she’s now ‘Dr Vivienne Hope, child-rearing expert’! Viv is hurt when her announcement is greeted with much mirth and she tries to dispense advice to Betty and Emily. Viv vows to get her column back in the Hotten Courier.

Also, Grace worries about keeping her affair with Carl secret.