David’s devastated by Leyla’s confession

Fed up with seeing Leyla and Nathan together at every turn, David demands some answers from his girl. And his big question: is she having an affair? Horrified that anyone, especially David, would think that, Leyla realises it’s time to come clean to the man she does love… She starts with how she stole money from the shop to pay for those shoes and how Nathan has been using that error to blackmail her. David takes that quite well. But he’s disgusted when Leyla tells him she slept with Nathan to keep him quiet. Broken-hearted, he tells her they’re finished. What can Leyla do now?

At the vicarage, Laurel’s suffering… She knows she was drunk during her anniversary dinner – she has the hangover to prove it. But she can’t remember drinking that much. It was Sally who drank her anniversary champagne… And it’s Sally who’s cooking tea when Laurel gets in from work. Laurel and Ashley row about that and Sally glows with triumph. But her face turns to thunder when Ashley and Laurel make up. What will the wicked woman do next?

Carl’s back from his delivery but he’s still got something in his truck – a woman! Nikhil chases her but she gets away. Will she be back?

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