David’s feeling totally left out

Gail organises a pre-wedding meal for the Platt and Grimshaw families at the house but David is left off the invitation list, David is miserable that he’s been excluded yet again as he listens to noises of the festivities coming from the Platt house. David shoots cans in the Morton’s garden and he tells an uninterested Darryl that Gail tried to abort him and he doesn’t think she’ll be happy until he’s dead…

Sean is gutted that Marcus has been giving him the silent treatment since he tricked him into revealing the sex of the baby. Sean goes out for a spot of retail therapy and returns to the pub with a bundle of blue baby clothes. Sean confesses to Jamie that he knows the sex of the baby, and Jamie promises not to tell but he warns Sean that Violet will not be very happy when she discovers that he’s gone behind her back.

Fiz is frustrated that she hardly gets any time alone with John and when the Websters accost him in the pub she’s niggled by their interfering. Rosie starts to flirt with John and he tells Fiz that they’re going. John is unnerved.

Also, Maria gets Liam a surprise gift – a puppy!