David’s hopes are dashed

David is down after his run in with Jason and Gail feels sorry for him. David sees an opportunity to get back into his mum’s good books and he goes round to the house with some flowers. Gail is touched and asks David to dinner with her in the Italian. But David is left more miserable than ever when Gail makes it clear that she can’t contemplate letting him move back in.

Carla’s naughty night with Tony seems to have been a success and he bombards her with red roses, annoying an already jealous Liam. When Liam meets up with Maria in the Rovers he makes a big deal about being with her, but he’s forced to listen to Carla regaling Michelle with details of her night with Tony.

Jodie is surprised when Jerry points out that Lloyd is smitten with her as he’s been into the kebab shop for the umpteenth time and he can’t be that much of a kebab fan! Jodie confronts Lloyd and asks him outright if he fancies her. Lloyd is taken aback by her forwardness but asks her for a drink.

Also, Cilla gets a call from Frank’s solicitor inviting her to the will reading.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

David thinks that the family are plotting against him when he sees Audrey and Bill at Gail’s and he loiters outside. Gail catches him and invites him in to prove that the family are talking through the wedding plans. Sarah is furious to be interrupted by David and tells him that he’s banned from the stag do and the wedding. David is fuming and begins to plot…

Jodie is run off her feet hosting a pirate-themed birthday party for Finlay and his mates, who are running wild after all the sweet snacks they’ve eaten. Jodie looks forward to her well-earned date with Lloyd, but she’s stunned when Jerry announces that she’s babysitting while he takes birthday girl Eileen to dinner!

Violet is ticked off when she’s forced to do a double shift in the pub after Sean fails to show up. But Jamie has to rush her to hospital when she starts feeling ill and panics that she may have another ectopic pregnancy. Sean finally turns up and he rushes to the hospital to see her. Violet and baby are fine, but Sean feels guilty.

Also, Ashley is quietly hopeful when Claire lets him stay the night on the sofa.