David’s lie backfires big time

*Double episode*

David is still smarting after Sarah wrecked his chances with Mel and he feels stung when Mel makes it clear that she doesn’t want anything more than friendship. When Amber teases David about being stood up by Mel he tries to cover his humiliation and lies that he slept with Mel and dumped her! The rumour gets back to the Mortons and Jerry is furious and confronts Gail, who drags David across the street to apologise.

Leanne is worried about the restaurant’s financial state and she confides in Paul that she desperately needs an investor. Paul assures Leanne that she’ll have an investor soon, but he’s left with food for thought by her words.

Liam isn’t happy when a client insists that they go to the Italian for a business meeting. Carla confronts Liam for being edgy about the proposed meal and when Liam makes a big show of saying he’s over Leanne, she realises that he still feels something for her.

Also, Michelle suggests to Steve that they take the kids and have a break in Ireland; Ivor and George are left guessing about Norris’s mystery love!

David is left completely humiliated after Gail marches him to the kebab shop to apologise to Mel for telling Amber that he slept with her. He later hears Sarah and Gail laughing about the fact that he’s never had a girlfriend and, fuming, he climbs onto the roof of Underworld. A worried Jason follows him up and he’s troubled when David takes pretend potshots at his family and claims that it’s not hard to get hold of a gun…

Leanne is hopeful that things may be looking up when Paul suggests that he take out a loan to invest in the restaurant. Leanne is interested to see Liam in the restaurant, who had organised a meeting with a client. When the client is a no-show, Liam invites Leanne to share a bottle of wine with him. The old spark between them is still there, but Liam is troubled by his reawakened feelings.

Cilla flirts with the rich Frank, who takes a liking to her and offers her a full-time job as his private carer. Cilla sees a way to get at his cash but it’s clear that Frank is after more than her caring expertise!

Also, Eileen agrees to a date with Jerry.