David’s on the verge of a breakdown

Tina is horrified when Gail tells her that she remembers having another argument, but she can’t remember with whom. Tina panics and runs upstairs, leaving Gail suspicious. When Tina returns with her bags packed and leaves in tears the final piece of the horrible puzzle galls into place and Gail remembers fighting with David. When David returns home, Gail tells him that she remembers their argument and knows that he was the one who pushed her!

Leanne begs Paul to go for a coffee with her at Roy’s Rolls to discuss the insurance claim and Paul is still sulking, but agrees to go. Paul angrily questions why she led him on and reveals that he is head over heels in love with her! A stunned Leanne breaks it to him that she doesn’t feel the same way and Paul is bitterly disappointed.

Michelle is still struggling to accept Ryan’s new relationship with Nick but she agrees to let Ryan go out for dinner with his father. Steve can tell she’s upset that she’s lost both her sons and he vows to reunite her with Alex.

Also, Steve and Liz are horrified when Vernon devises a new menu that doesn’t include Betty’s hotpot!

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Gail pieces together what happened and a terrified David tries to convince her that she is mistaken. Gail is stunned when she realises that Tina must have lied for him as well. David runs out to find Tina and is devastated when she breaks up with him. A desperate David warns Tina that he doesn’t know what he’ll do if she leaves him, but Tina refuses to listen.

David returns home to face Gail and Audrey and continues to deny pushing Gail down the stairs. Audrey packs a bag for Gail, claiming she doesn’t want to leave her in the house with him. David is left alone with his own demons and it’s clear he’s on the verge of a breakdown.

Steve realises that Michelle is upset that Nick is spending time with Ryan when she can’t see Alex and he visits Alex and reveals that Michelle really wants to see him. Steven insists that cutting off contact with Michelle just because he couldn’t get his own way with the living arrangements was a mistake and Alex sheepishly agrees to see her again.

Also, Liz is annoyed when Vernon and his builder/musician friends get a gig on a cruise and decide to leave without completing the smoking shelter.