*First episode*

David heads off to the solicitors to be tested on his story about Charlie by Tracy’s solicitor, Jane, but things start badly for the troublesome teen. Jane challenges David to convince her that he’s not a liar. But when David tells Jane that Charlie once tried to drown him, she’s convinced that David will make a fantastic witness. But Tracy gets worried when David slyly tells her that he may be too nervous to take the stand!

Hayley and Roy start to clear up the mess in the aftermath of the fire at Roy’s Rolls and Hayley still feels terrible about falsely accusing Becky. Hayley heads over to Underworld to tell the girls that she was wrong – the fire was started by an electrical fault and Becky is blameless – but they don’t seem to care. Hayley worries that she has ruined Becky’s chance to show people that she has changed.

Elswhere, Liz is worried about Steve’s recent closeness to Tracy and she warns him that Tracy may think that their relationship is going somewhere. Steve assures his mum that he knows what he’s doing, but he puts on a public show of love with Tracy to wind up Michelle.

*Second episode – 8:30pm*

Cunning David tells Tracy to face facts – they both know that his story is a bag of lies. Tracy is desperate to get David to testify but he’s adamant that he can’t go through with it. Tracy offers David another cash incentive to get him to change his mind but he refuses to budge.

David later calls Tracy and tells her that he will testify – but only if she makes it ‘worth his while’. Tracy realises that David is suggesting some kind of sexual liaison and she’s disgusted. She tells him she’d rather be banged up than go anywhere near him.

Meanwhile, Steve is irritated when Michelle reveals that Sonny is coming over to see her and he tries to put doubts in her mind by suggesting that Sonny may be a married man. Michelle disputes his suggestion but she finds herself looking at Sonny’s left hand for telltale signs of a wedding band and she’s angry with herself for being affected by Steve’s jealous suggestions.

Elswhere, Hayley is still feeling guilty about Becky and she’s desperate to get in contact with her to tell her that she realises she didn’t start the fire in the café. Becky won’t answer her phone but Hayley still talks to Carla on Becky’s behalf and asks her to give Becky her job back. But Carla thinks Becky is bad news and refuses Hayley’s request.