David’s revenge divides Nick and Leanne (VIDEO)

Leanne’s hurt to discover Nick still doesn’t trust her around Peter. Nick tries to defend himself, but a row erupts. As Kylie consoles Nick, David’s victory feels hollow, the pain he’s caused isn’t going to undo what happened. Hurt and angry David turns to Tina. As David opens up Tina’s shocked to hear how Kylie had a one night stand and the baby might not be his. But she’s even more shocked by what David plans to do about it.

Roy admits he feels terrible knowing his father tried to get in touch before he died. Hayley’s frustrated though that Roy still won’t visit a doctor and resolves to take action.

When Faye sees Anna welcoming Gary and Izzy round she wishes she was still part of the family. Lonely and hungry Faye still finds it difficult to confide in Anna about Tim’s absence.

Also, Gary and Izzy give Tina news of Jake’s progress, revealing he’ll be coming home soon. Tina thanks them, but it’s clear she’s shaken; Norris apologises to Emily for his recent behaviour.