David makes a shock proposal!

David takes a drastic leap to try to keep Tracy in his life…

When besotted David finds out Jacob has told Tracy he’s not into her, he’s frantic to talk to her. Problem is, Tracy’s on her way to the airport, headed for Ibiza. Knowing she’s in one of the Bartons’ cabs, David legs it to their office and gets on the radio to driver Ross, to get a message out to Tracy. Laying his feelings on the line, David tells Tracy he loves her. His words to the trick but as Tracy returns to the village what will she say when he proposes to her in the Woolie?

In a layby, Robert opens his boot inside which he’s stowed Ryan! As he’s untied, Ryan begs Ross to give him some money. Desperate to get rid of him, Ross hands over a sum. on the condition that he gets gone for good. Though Ryan legs it, someone has clearly witnessed their dodgy exchange.

At Home Farm, Lachlan storms out on Lawrence, who isn’t in the mood to talk. Hurt, the teen’s feelings soon turn into anger against his granddad who’s turned on his family.