Pregnant Priya fears something is wrong with her baby when she starts bleeding while working at The Woolpack. As Diane calls for an ambulance, Priya makes the scary confession that she hasn’t felt the baby move for quite a few days. At the hospital, Priya’s assured everything is fine, but David is worried that Priya’s eating disorder will harm their unborn child and isn’t convinced that she wants to get better. But how will asking Priya to move in with him and Alicia help the mum-to-be?

Worried that it will be her last chance at happiness, Val continues to date Ian, but it’s Pollard she really wants. Unaware that Pollard has prepared a romantic meal for her, Val tells him she’s got a date with Ian and is desperate for her estranged hubby to stop her. But when he just lets her go, they are both left heartbroken.

As Pete and Debbie go public with their relationship, Ross turns his attention to Victoria, who’s flustered when he invites her round to his place. But when she turns up, she makes it clear it will be a one-off and the pair fall into a passionate embrace…