Davina gets some unwanted attention

Darren Briggs Sr asks Davina out as a thank you for helping Darren Jr. When she turns him down, Darren Sr bombards her with texts and then turns up at the school. But when Darren Jr lets slip that Davina hugged him, his dad seeks out Rachel and demands that Davina be sacked.

Later, Davina offers Darren Jr a lift home so that she can confront his dad. Frustrated that she won’t give him a chance, Darren Sr refuses to let her out. As she tries to take control of the situation, Davina hits a raw nerve and Darren Sr completely loses it, almost attacking her, until junior steps in…

Elsewhere, Rachel feels put out when developer Stuart Hordley says he wants to reinstate his bid to build Waterloo Road’s training centre. Stuart offers an office junior’s job for the best candidate at the afternoon’s interviews and Bolton Smilie is ecstatic when he gets the job and realises that school isn’t so bad after all.

But does Bolton’s achievement come at a price for Rachel?